A Writing Prompt for You . . .

I found this when I was cleaning off my nine-year-old son’s “work table”:


“But when we saw the light,        …”

I read it and smiled, wondering about the story in his mind.  I love that he used a comma and that he drew it like a colored-in dot with a tail.  I love that his story starts in the middle with a “But.”  Like in his mind something crazy happened in the story prior, yet he didn’t pick up his pencil and start to write until the light was seen.  I wonder who the “we” is that he speaks of.  I’m proud that he spelled “light” correctly.

What caused him to stop writing after his artistic comma?  Did I interrupt him with some mundane task?  Maybe he was writing his masterpiece and I forced him to stop to take a bath, or to eat dinner, or for whatever reason, and he lost his train of thought.

His imagination is in overdrive most of the time.  His sentence could have concerned anything from a Spongebob scenario, to  a Bible scene out of Revelations, to something that happened at camp that day.

I guess I’ll never know.  Even without knowing the end of the sentence, I love the beginning.

Have a nice Friday!


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