I found this when I was cleaning off my nine-year-old son’s “work table”:


“But when we saw the light,        …”

I read it and smiled, wondering about the story in his mind.  I love that he used a comma and that he drew it like a colored-in dot with a tail.  I love that his story starts in the middle with a “But.”  Like in his mind something crazy happened in the story prior, yet he didn’t pick up his pencil and start to write until the light was seen.  I wonder who the “we” is that he speaks of.  I’m proud that he spelled “light” correctly.

What caused him to stop writing after his artistic comma?  Did I interrupt him with some mundane task?  Maybe he was writing his masterpiece and I forced him to stop to take a bath, or to eat dinner, or for whatever reason, and he lost his train of thought.

His imagination is in overdrive most of the time.  His sentence could have concerned anything from a Spongebob scenario, to  a Bible scene out of Revelations, to something that happened at camp that day.

I guess I’ll never know.  Even without knowing the end of the sentence, I love the beginning.

Have a nice Friday!

19 thoughts on “A Writing Prompt for You . . .

  1. I LOVE that! More importantly, I love that you saw it and took the time to read it and you didn’t just brush it off as another piece of trash. Yes, it’ll end up in the recycle, but I just love how it got you thinking all about who he is.


    1. Yes it is! Anything could have happened before, anything after. I love it. He has a fun mind. I hope he keeps it as he gets older.

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  2. Out of the mouths of babes, or from his hand at any rate, lol. It’s cool that it actually made me think about what could have happened before and what could happen after, just from a few words 🙂


    1. Thanks! Yes I love that it’s a middle, too. He’s so creative that it really could have gone anywhere. I will keep an eye out for more of his stories and share them. Thanks for reading 🙂


  3. Gosh, Jess! Psychoanalyzing your kid? Really? Hilarious, nonetheless! I think the funniest part was about the comma. A whole paragraph dedicated to that itty-bitty clause separator. Seriously funny!


    1. I tried to ask but he got embarrassed and blew me off. Maybe he didn’t remember. I love his stories though. I will keep an eye out for the sequel!


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