Meet Kiri!

Meet Kiri!



We picked up Kiri from the airport on Thursday. She’s a ten-week old Kai Ken puppy from Michigan. She’s incredibly cute and awesomesauce but I feel like I have a newborn again! I’m trying to get back here to writing and WordPress because I really miss it. Once Kiri Kai Kai Princess Baby gets on a schedule, I will tell you about our adventures and the Kai Ken breed and get back to regularly-scheduled programming!

i leave you with another pic. Have a nice night!



  1. ” Kiri Kai Kai Princess Baby” – LMAO! I have an older dog named Cooper Boo Boo PooPooNut Boobaton… unofficially. He responds to PooPooNut – go figure.
    Kiri is absolutely ADORABLE! I am a puppy freak – LOVE them! Haven’t heard of the breed. I’ll have to go google now… and avoid getting another dog. πŸ˜‰


  2. OK, I lied. I HAVE heard of the breed, only as Tora Inu – never heard the Kai Ken version. Awesome dogs πŸ™‚ How on earth did you ever find a breeder? -! … wait… it was Google, wasn’t it.
    That Google, it’ll get you in trouble every time πŸ˜‰


  3. I remember one night my son brought his new puppy over from the other house and it was like having a baby…except for the chewing with little sharp needle teeth!

    A puppy would be nice but I am currently stuck with an angry gang of cats.


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