Meet Kiri!



We picked up Kiri from the airport on Thursday. She’s a ten-week old Kai Ken puppy from Michigan. She’s incredibly cute and awesomesauce but I feel like I have a newborn again! I’m trying to get back here to writing and WordPress because I really miss it. Once Kiri Kai Kai Princess Baby gets on a schedule, I will tell you about our adventures and the Kai Ken breed and get back to regularly-scheduled programming!

i leave you with another pic. Have a nice night!


26 thoughts on “Meet Kiri!

  1. She’s gorgeous! I look forward to hearing about her breed, I’ve never heard of Kai Kens!

    I especially like pic #2. She is obviously having very deep thoughts about whatever is being said to her.


    1. Thank you! Yes, her deep thoughts when I try to take pics seem centered around how she can get my phone to chew on 🙂 Apple needs to make a chew-proof iPhone !


  2. ” Kiri Kai Kai Princess Baby” – LMAO! I have an older dog named Cooper Boo Boo PooPooNut Boobaton… unofficially. He responds to PooPooNut – go figure.
    Kiri is absolutely ADORABLE! I am a puppy freak – LOVE them! Haven’t heard of the breed. I’ll have to go google now… and avoid getting another dog. 😉


    1. Kiri started out as Kiri Madonna but Joe (my husband) wasn’t on board. Then Kiri Kick-ass because she’s so awesome. But it morphed into Kiri Kai Kai Princess Baby 🙂


  3. OK, I lied. I HAVE heard of the breed, only as Tora Inu – never heard the Kai Ken version. Awesome dogs 🙂 How on earth did you ever find a breeder? -! … wait… it was Google, wasn’t it.
    That Google, it’ll get you in trouble every time 😉


  4. I remember one night my son brought his new puppy over from the other house and it was like having a baby…except for the chewing with little sharp needle teeth!

    A puppy would be nice but I am currently stuck with an angry gang of cats.


  5. Oh so adorable…. Have you read my latest post, I have only just seen yours so maybe it was some sort of physic dream linked to you! Ha ha


  6. ohmygod. I could die of cuteness overload. That is probably the cutest dog I’ve ever seen in my whole life. Honest to God. I’d hug her all day even though I’m allergic to dog fur. It’s okay, she’ll make me feel better.


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