The Daily Post’s Daily Prompt today is:

Pick a random word and do a Google image search on it. Check out the eleventh picture it brings up. Write about whatever that image brings to mind.

First, I googled “random word generator” which brought me to a site that produced a bullet list of ten words. These are the ten random words it generated:

  • zanyish
  • sybil
  • comfit
  • cottonpicking
  • tachyauxetic
  • perjuring
  • ganev
  • barquisimeto
  • overheat
  • quivery

Can you guess which word I chose first? Zanyish, of course! I Google imaged and counted eleven pictures in and ended up at this pic:



Interesting. I guess Minecraft can be zanyish?

I decided to try a different word. I picked quivery and was thrilled to see a picture of Olivia Pope in the mix. Sadly, that was not the eleventh picture, it was the nineteenth. The eleventh picture was this:

Minecraft again.

Um, really? Minecraft again? Does Minecraft own the internets?

Thinking the Universe had a plan for me to write about Minecraft, I looked at the picture and tried to be inspired. Here’s what I know about Minecraft: Minecraft is this neat computer game involving blocks, like cyber-legos, where you can build things (JC loves to build) and destroy things (M loves to destroy). JC once built a water filtration plant that he named “Jessica” after me. It was touching and I was very proud.

However, the picture of the weird cat face and whatever that is next to it did little to inspire. I decided to pick a third word: Comfit. This is the resulting pic:


Well, at least it’s not Minecraft related! Apparently, “comfits” are “confectionery consisting of dried fruits, nuts, seeds or spices coated with sugar candy, often through sugar panning.” (Thanks, Wikipedia).

As much as I love desserts, I don’t think I’m one for “comfits.” I’d rather an ice cream sandwich, chocolate anything, or cake. If “comfits” are what I think they are, they are those gooey, jelly-like blocks that get stuck in your teeth.

Now, if I was stranded on a deserted island and the only dessert available was a comfit, would I take it? Certainly. I need sugar to survive. However, if I’m at a Viennese table at a wedding, which looks something like this . . .

Viennese Table

. . . am I reaching for the comfits? No way.

The dessert pic inspired me, so let’s talk Viennese tables. As I’ve mentioned in a previous post, the Jersey crowd does weddings big. To add a Viennese table to your wedding costs big bucks. Personally, I love going to a wedding and seeing that crazy sugar-filled dessert table rolled out onto the dance floor. Where do you even start?

My advice is that when you are at a wedding, always get an extra dinner-sized plate. Hide it somewhere until you see if there is a Viennese table for dessert. Trust me, the little plates they give you for desserts ain’t gonna cut it. Then, if you are lucky enough to have the table, pack every corner of that dinner plate with a sweet. Cupcakes can be balanced off the edge of the plate. Don’t waste space with ice cream- ice cream can be put into a coffee mug. Heck, if you want a comfit or two, they’ll probably fit perfectly in those holes in between the good stuff.

Everyone will be equally jealous and impressed that you had the foresight to hoard a big dinner plate for dessert. They’ll also be too drunk to remember how many desserts you ate, in order to gossip about you the next day. So try everything on the table! It’s not every day that you can eat a comfit!

Thanks for reading and have a nice night!


In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Image Search.”

5 thoughts on “Minecraft, Comfits, and Wedding Strategy

  1. At thanksgiving, when we asked my grandmother whether she wanted pumpkin, apple, chocolate or lemon meringue pie, she’d always say “a little of each!” I have avoided being like my grandmother in most respects, except for this one. Luckily I’ve never encountered a Viennese table or I would no doubt be shamed for life. Enjoyed your blog. Sister!!! –Judy


    1. Thanks, Judy! I can’t resist desserts and it’s so hard to pick just one. Your grandmother sounds like she would have made a great date for me!


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