This year for Christmas, JC got a Chia pet. Technically, it’s a “Chia Gnome,” but I like to call it a Chia Hobbit. Unlike Eugene the Elf, Chia Hobbit is not creepy and does not freak me out. He’s a happy Hobbit who sits pleasantly in our kitchen, spreading luck and joy.

My husband is especially fond of Chia Hobbit. In fact, he takes great care of the cute little bugger. Every day he makes sure Chia Hobbit is sufficiently hydrated (he has a hole in his hat so you can fill his fat jolly body with water), and even tends to Chia Hobbit’s growing beard with an eyedropper. Whenever he walks by Chia Hobbit, he checks the hole in the little guy’s head and makes sure he’s full, then lovingly squirts water on his beard.

The result? The best Chia beard ever. Behold the growth …

Starting out…
Five o’clock shadow…
A Hobbit’s Beard: An Unexpected Growth
A beard any Man, or Dwarf, would be proud of…
Starting to look Wizardly…
Crazy-ass out-of-control overgrowth…

Well, there you go– a Chia Hobbit’s Journey, There and Back Again. Admittedly, Chia Hobbit is getting a bit scroungy looking. He’s starting to look like a Hobbit hiding behind a bush. The box says that after two weeks, you should give up and reseed, and it’s been about two weeks now. We just don’t have the heart to destroy his lovely growth.

Watching Joe with the Chia Hobbit reminded me of Karate Kid‘s Mr. Miyagi. Next time I see him caring for the Chia Hobbit I’m going to quote the movie to him: “Close eye. Trust. Concentrate. Think only tree Chia Hobbit. Make a perfect picture down to last pine needle Chia seed. Wipe mind clean, everything but tree Chia Hobbit. Nothing else in whole world, only tree Chia Hobbit. You got it?”

Mr. Miyagi and Daniel-san with the Bonsai tree.

That’s it. It’s always exciting over here at WOAW, right? Have any of you experienced the fun of a Chia pet? If not, I suggest you pick one up and enjoy!

Have a nice night.

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