Blogtropolis! What’s up?

I feel a little like Drew Barrymore in Never Been Kissed on that first day she goes back to high school. Poking around WordPress, my old stomping grounds, trying to fit in again with the cool kids (you). I’ve been gone for so long. Sorry.

I’ve been writing, just not here. Somewhere along the line, blogging started to feel like tweeting has always felt to me– forced and stress-inducing. You’ll be happy to know that I’ve saved you from months of posts about nothing. I figured, if I have nothing to say then why waste everyone’s time. You’re welcome. 🙂

But now I have “something,” or at least “something-ish” to draft here.

Christmas Stuff.

Ahh, Christmas. I may start a grassroots campaign to change the entire system. The first thing to go will be that damn ELF. More on that later. I would also put a price and age limit on all gift-giving. Gifts may only be bought for unemancipated children and must be under $25.00. All gifts will be bought online. You old people afraid of Big Brother and Amazon will have to get with the program, because I’m tired of constant traffic. Here are some other rules for my proposed Christmas:

  • If schools are closed, parents should be off of work (unless you are an emergency worker or vital to the health and well-being of All). This is a simple concept. WHO’S GONNA WATCH THE KIDS becomes a topic of conversation that adds more stress to the month of December. Also, employers should realize that nobody really works that week in between Christmas and New Year anyway. We all sit around, talk about the presents, gossip about the family, compare weight gain while shoving stale Christmas cookies in our faces, debate new gym membership plans, and make up fake New Year’s resolutions. Why make us come into work for that?
  • Christmas music parameters: No Christmas music before December 15th. I mean, how many times do we have to hear George Michael’s Last Christmas song before we’re satiated? How many times, people?
  • Trees shall be removed and/or put away by New Year’s Day. There shall be a place of rest for (once) live trees, because it depresses me to see tree carcasses lining the alleyway behind my house, waiting for the town’s mulch day. Little strands of wrinkled tinsel clinging to bare branches. A lone forgotten ornament trying to shine through from the inner sanctum of the once glorified evergreen.  Sniff. Deal with your trees, please. With respect.
  • Christmas card peer pressure: If you want to skip a year, you may do so guilt-free. Things get busy. The kids probably look the same as last year. If you want to send it, send it. But if not, no biggie. There’s always next year.

While we’re on Christmas cards, I’d like to let those of you who usually receive a card from me by now know that I haven’t yet created one. My husband asked me tonight if “we” were going to do a card, and I answered “probably not” (a.k.a., No).

But, I have an ambitious idea. Instead of printing out 50 cards from Walgreens, 40 of which will probably be trashed (it’s okay- I’m not judging), I thought I’d take my time and actually WRITE out PERSONAL cards to everyone. That’s nice, right? Obviously, this isn’t going to happen this week, but maybe in the New Year I can start handwriting belated holiday notes. I may even toss a pic of the kids in. Heck, if I wait until next week, I can buy cards at half-price! Win-win-win.

I’d also like to update you on Eugene Peppermint, our Elf. Who I hate.

Creepy Eugene Peppermint- Ugh.
Creepy Eugene Peppermint molesting Santa- Ugh.

I’ve been completely slacking on moving Eugene. I blame my mom. Last year she texted me every night with a standard one word message:  “ELF.” This year, she was a bit slow to the game. So it’s her fault. Obviously.

What do I tell the kids though? That Grandma is neglectful of their Christmas Joy? Nah. I couldn’t do that. So the first few times I forgot to move him, I used the “Dad locked the door” excuse. That got old pretty quickly.

After a few more missed trips to the North Pole, poor JC got sad. “Why isn’t Eugene moving?” he asked. He wrote Eugene a note inquiring on his status.

Eugene wrote back (in Elf Handwriting Font, which basically is pointy letters instead of curvy letters) that Santa is making all elves work overtime and he’s been really tired. He’s vitamin deficient. Overworked, underpaid (are elves unionized?). He’ll try to be better. JC was good with that explanation.

Then, a kid at school told JC that elves don’t move- the parents move them. Yay! I’m off the hook, right? Not really.

Husband and I came up with some story about how the parents move the elf, but they can only do it with Christmas Magic. I thought he bought it. He claimed to be depressed, so woo-hoo, yes?

Nah. Next day he came downstairs and asked where Eugene was. He was in the same spot as the day before. JC was disappointed. I wanted to shout, “I THOUGHT WE WERE DONE WITH EUGENE?” but refrained. Even though Eugene is Difficult, at least JC believes in something magical.

I should add that as a rule to my Christmas Improvements Project: everyone must believe in something magical. Can’t hurt, right?

On that note, I hope you are all enjoying your holiday season. Thanks for reading and have a nice night.

Signed, The Grinch of WordPress.

13 thoughts on “Well Hi There! (Alternatively titled: I’m not doing Christmas cards)

  1. Hey!

    I remember you!

    Guess what?

    In your absence, I have been blogging. Forcing myself to churn out witty banter. Guess where it has landed me??? Nowhere! It is almost like LOST. Like you have shifted time and landed back at the week you stopped writing at your blog.


    The Cool, yet Still Unsuccessful Blogger.


    1. That made me laugh! Sad but true, yet also comforting. The blog is always here, waiting with open cyber arms 🙂 Good to “see” you, Cool, Unsuccessful Blogger! Success can be measured different ways- you get Success Checkpoints merely for sticking with it.


      1. I never did this for gaining a giant audience or to Make Millions Through Blogging! like so many ads promise. I just did this for a way to write and maybe, just maybe; someone will enjoy it.

        So with that being my measuring stick; I guess I am doing alright!

        Enjoy your weekend!


  2. Brava, Jess! I love the new rules. I think the rule about live trees should be that they must be sold while they are still small enough to fit in a potted tub and when you are done using the petite planted tree, the city arbor squad will come collect it and nurture it until Arbor Day in the spring. Everyone gets Arbor Day off and The whole town shows up to pitch in and plant all the former Christmas trees in the city park. Wah lah – Oxygen (and a community day off) for everyone. My kids asked me this year why we don’t have an elf. I just played dumb. An elf? What do you mean an elf? Who has an elf? Really? – are you sure? Is that legal? How did they get an elf? Well, how do you think they got the elf? Hmmm – should we write a letter to Santa and ask him if he could spare an elf? Do you think it’s even smart to ask? What if the toyshop gets behind because all the elves are out? Maybe we should just let them do their work…. The kids started wondering if they’d get their gifts with all the absentee elves. Thankfully, they let it go. I don’t think anyone should feel like they have to send cards, but sending one every once in a while can be pretty special…We just got a card from a family that we haven’t been in touch with in about 7 years. I was excited to see a photo of their family. Apparently during that time they lived in Korea for a bit, and now they have 7 !?! kids. Not that one of those things has anything to do with the other, but I think that’s my favorite card so far this year, just a quick note catching us up on friends we’ve lost touch with. Nonna asked me today what we’re planning for Christmas Day? Uh. I haven’t gotten that far yet? Yes I know it’s only a few days away, but I still haven’t figured out if anyone will have clothes ready for church tomorrow… One thing at a time, please. Inhale. Exhale. Last thing – what in the heck do I buy for the kid who only asked for things I can’t afford? Hope you are having a good week! Love!

    Sent from my iPad



  3. It was the strangest thing. Right after reading this post, the smell of a pine tree wafted past my nose. My family stripped the tree on the first and Dad took it to the dump. So maybe the smell came from our Mistletoe scented candle? I look to my right where the candle has been for a month and *poof* it isn’t there. Maybe I had some sensory experience, for example when you hear a hairdryer and feel heat on your neck?

    Needless to say, I liked your post.


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