Well, hello there, Blogtropolis! You still out there?

I don’t really have much to say, which explains why I haven’t been posting. But I didn’t want to let the days go by without recognizing my one-year blogging anniversary. My first post on WOAW was published on January 3, 2013. Ironically, I wrote in that first post that I wasn’t sure what to write. Here I find myself, a year later, staring at the blinking cursor again . . .

I started the blog as a New Year’s resolution. “Start a blog” was probably number 3 or 4 on the list of about ten items, and I think the only item I actually accomplished. The best thing that happened in 2013 is that I lost that list of resolutions, so I can’t look back at it now and regret the other items on the list that I didn’t do. I’m fairly certain that of the remaining resolutions, zero to none got done. I had an entire year to meet whatever goals I couldn’t wait to accomplish on January 1, 2013. An entire year! Funny how in retrospect, an entire year seems like a long enough time to do anything, but as I live through the day by day, time flies by and I can’t seem to catch it. Time is kicking my ass, people.

Despite the blogging dry spells, I’ve had a good year in the WordPress world, so Happy Anniversary to me! I think I’ll go have some cake and jump back into this blogging thing, head first, wearing my “2014” cardboard and glitter tiara left over from New Year’s Eve. Woo hoo!

I’ve always loved New Year’s Eve. My reason for that love has changed over the years as I’ve grown older. Now I look at the New Year as an opportunity to hit “restart.” There’s no reason to linger on any failures or regrets of 2013 when we have a fresh new start here in 2014. There’s always a way to start over. Refocus. Write that list again. Just because I didn’t meet my goals of 2013 doesn’t mean I won’t meet my goals for 2014. Thank God, it doesn’t work that way.

2013 may have been the best year ever for you. Or the worst. Whatever it was to you, it’s over. So if you were a lucky one who had that great year, strive for a repeat. If you had a sucky year, hit the restart button. Either way, move forward into 2014 with hope. Remember the words of Coach Taylor:  “Clear Eyes, Full Hearts, Can’t Lose.” (You KNOW I couldn’t hop into WOAW Version 2014 without a pop culture reference!). Now go rock 2014 with positivity and heart. I’m going to give it a go myself. At the end of the year report back and we’ll discuss how it went. (Also, if you haven’t watched Friday Night Lights yet, you can go do that too).

For now though, have a nice night. I look forward to catching up

Coach Taylor (Kyle Chandler), Friday Night Lights

(Pic of Coach Taylor:  http://www.spartzinc.com/uploads/2012/3/coach_taylor.jpg)

19 thoughts on “Happy New Year and Happy Birthday to WOAW

  1. I like looking at the old graph that shows were your blog started off. Although I can’t say my readership levels are by any means impressive; it is funny to see the dismal numbers at the beginning. Then you can really see how far you have come!

    Well, this would be a reset year for me but I am looking forward to comparing notes in December. Hopefully a big improvement for you, your readers, and myself.


  2. Welcome to Year 2!! I think we must have almost exactly the same blog birthday. Is this the year you start saying “No” or do you have another year to go before that?


    1. At LEAST another year haha. I think we did start around the same time. But you probably have a ton more posts than me… between Orange and Marmot. You are a blogging GOD!


    1. Thanks! I am going to spend a little time on Did That Just Happen and see what you’re up to! I’m so bad at the tweeting… I need a lesson or something.


    1. Hi Jack! Glad to be back. Your posts are in my inbox waiting for my attention and luring me back to WordPress! I have to catch up on my Wednesday Women. How’s Ranger doing?


  3. You’re back. Yay, the dry spell is over! Happy anniversary! And don’t be afraid of the blinking cursor. Think of the cursor as politely waving at you while it’s waiting on a word


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